Monday, November 29, 2004

One Week

Wow, it had been about one week since my last blogg. I have so much to talk about and yet I have no idea where to start. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I had to work that day and made some big bucks doing it, so I could spend it the next day shopping. YUP I was up at 3 in the morning and met up with my friends from work at Denny’s to eat breakfast drink some coffee and then hit the stores. Our first stop was the NEX and I got Mianna x-mas gift out of the way, but I was bad and picked a few items for muah! ehhehehehe. I had so much fun. It is so cold her in Jax's that I actually had to put on a jacket and wear my boots and hoody to keep warm. Friday was the longest shopping day of my life. I shopped from 6am till
Just about 10pm that night. I even went to see a movie with my girlfriend Merranda. Saturday we got the X-mas tree and put it up and today I just finished up some of the last minute touches and added a few decorations to the house. I'll post a picture when I have time. Right now I'm just so sleepy, I'll finish this blogg later on.

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