Saturday, November 20, 2004

Our National Treasures

Okay, Mianna fell in love with the phone and so I gave it to her. I told her it was an early X-mas gift and a late B-day.... No for reals I was going to give it to her for X-mas. The one I really want is like a PDA phone and a lot bigger. I will be shopping the day after X-mas and I hope I find a good deal on one some place.

We just got back from watching National Treasure with Nicolas Cage and it was a good movie so much hunting, just like in Indiana Jones. We ate out again, are you surprised yet?????? I know, we try and try and we still can't get over having all these so good and close by restaurants at hand when we please. I did cook the other day, I made some good blackened steak and last night I made sausage and rice. That is the most I have cooked in about 3 months. ehehhe. O man. I'm working a new schedule now and so I have Fridays and Saturdays off, today I was off, but my new schedule starts tomorrow. This past week I was off Wend, Thur and then today. It was nice to have one day of the weekend off to spend time with Mianna and Rich. I will treasure this new schedule and doubt I will want to change for a while. I do have to work on Thanksgiving, but since we have no family here, there are no real big plans for the day. I will enjoy the over time and use it for X-mas shopping the next day. I got gifts for my self, as usual and they include two very pricy items. I really hate to say it, but I got 2 more Coach purses :O) ehehhehe. But I got them at really good prices and one is similar to that link, but in a brass khaki berry color and the other looks like this in a khaki color. I know I know; I'm having that I feel 30 and need a new bag to go with my shoes........ Stage. LOL. I will try so hard to buy gifts for other this year, but it's so hard. I will be up at 4:45am the day after Thanksgiving and at the stores by 5:30 to fight the crowds for the sales. Tomorrow I'll buy the sunday paper to make my wish list of national treasures.

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