Friday, November 19, 2004

Bad Ass

We have a Bad Ass coffee shop here in Jax's I guess I'll have to try it some day. I just looked it up and it's on Southside Blvd, pretty easy to get too. Maybe I'll stop by when I'm out doing my X-mas shopping. I partial to Starbucks, but I'll try Bad Ass and see how good it is. The Honolulu Hula: Tiramisu and Coconut sounds like it might be goood. mmmmmmm I'm hungry for coffee now!!!!

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PhotoMom said...

Oh Mike LOVES that place. We went to the ones they have in Honolulu. Good selection of coffee grinds for sure. =) Hard to believe we were there just 9 months ago. Hehehehe... boy how time flies.