Thursday, October 21, 2004

My new haircut

Last week I went to Mandarin to have my hair cut at The Studio by Robert. I love my new hair color and cut. This is not the best picture to show off the style and high lights, but this is what it looks like when it straight. I have many short layers that form a little bob on top and then long layers along the back and it's so much fun to style. When I wear it curly it looks pretty cute too. ehehheeh. Hope some of you like the new style. I do miss my longer hair, just a little bit. =)

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Sassy_Amy said...

Hey, your hair looks great! I was browsing through here sorta bored and came across your profile (via music interests (Aaliyah) ) and decided to check it out.

Nice page and keep working the hairstyle.

hit me up sometime.