Thursday, October 07, 2004


Today I had a fun day with Mianna. She has been home from school for the past 3 days, sick with a cold and I have the same symtoms as well. We did a little shopping and then had lunch at TGI Fridays. After lunch we decided to watch Sharks Tale and this would be the second time for Mianna since she seen it the day it opened and it would be my first time. I really liked it and though it had many cute and funny moments. I even got a little teary eyed at one point. Rich called in the middle of the movie and I had my cell phone set to vibrate, so he wanted to meet after the movie and take use to dinner. After the movie we ran in to Zales so I could get my ring inspected and cleaned and just browsed around at the Movado and coach watches. I think Rich has started me out on a coach fix and yesterday I was trying on Coach shoes at the NEX. Well anyways, after we left the mall we met up with Rich at home and headed out to find a place to eat. We had decided on steak and before we got to the restaurant we stopped at a make ship used car lot by the arched Mc Donald’s and shopped around for a car. We will need a newer can soon, since mine is having problems and his is probably not too far behind mine. Anyways, it's about time we got a newer car, since we have had our cars for over 10 and 12 years now and have a total of almost 400,000 miles. I just can't believe how many miles our cars have taken us over the past 10 years. Okay so I fell in love with one Lexus SUV, I have no idea what it's called and then we all fell in love with the Nissan Z. Mianna liked the red beetle. To think we will be buying her a car and that's just around the corner too. Okay, so back to dinner. We decided to try this place called Hops.
It's a casual dining microbrewery restaurant that offers fresh, made from scratch menu items in a relaxed atmosphere featuring signature dishes that are created from high-quality, fresh ingredients and prepared in a display style kitchen that allows you to view the cooking process. We complement the made-from-scratch food by offering hand-crafted, microbrewer beer, brewed in a glass encased brewery that separates the non-smoking dining room from the bar dining area.

Rich had on of the fresh brewed beers and I had a class Shiraz from Australia, and it was so good. Mianna opted for a sprite and really enjoyed that. Mianna was not too hungry so she just nipped at our plates. We had the seared ahi tuna for an appetizer and I had the 9oz top sirloin and rich had the rib eye steak. Every thing was so good and I told rich I don't want to go to Outback anymore. The table we sat at was just perfect and to top it all off our waiter gave us a free desert. We had the able pie with cinnamon flavored vanilla ice cream and it was sooooo good. The cinnamon ice cream was not too strong, and so it was just right. After dinner we headed home so rich could watch this new show he likes called Lost and I ran out with Mianna to Target to do more shopping. We have started our X-mas shopping already. I know Halloween is not here yet, but I’m excited for x-mas. Mianna was shopping for a Halloween costume all day and had no success. She really wants sexy punk pirate and so we were on the hunt for her costume. I might end up making her one. I will check out the dollar store and Joann’s tomorrow and get some ideas.

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