Saturday, October 23, 2004

Haunted Woods

Rich was apart of the Haunted Woods on base and he dressed up as a dracula and scared people from his cofin. I got off work at 7 and ran over to watch him in action and took a few shots. The Haunted Woods was set up by several vauleterrs and it's also a contest for 1, 2.3 to recieve money towards the MWR for those who place. First place wins 500 buck, 300 for second place and 200 for third place. I hope Rich places. Mianna also helped out on Friday and was dressed up as an old lady, popping out of a can I think. I was at work and so I missed it. She did say she had fun, but after 3 hours it took a toll on her legs and she has to take a break.

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