Sunday, July 18, 2004


Last night I was up all night with Rich. I was trying to convince him to go to the ER and even had to threaten to call his mom if he didn't want to go. Well his parents did call around 7pm our time and Rich told them all about his pains. What do you know, he decided he wanted to go to the ER, so we got dressed and took him in. We knew that we would be there for a long time. This must have been a record setting time (shortest) we have ever spent in the ER; we were there for about 4 hours only. The doctor ran all kinds of blood work, urine sample, chest x-rays and EKG. It turned out that every thing looked good. But just from the look of rich laying in the hospital bed with oxygen tubes in his nose and EKG pads on his chest, with an IV for morphine, he sure didn't look good. He also said he could still feel the pain even with the morphine in his system. Mianna and I took a break to get dinner at the Mc Donald’s on base and then went to the house to let Duke out to PP, he was so happy to see us home. When we drove back to the hospital Rich called to say he was released and that he would tell me the results when I got to him. He doesn't like me to talk on the cell when I'm driving. Well, it turns out that he has liquid in his lungs and they just gave him some vicodin and ibuprophen and told him to try and take deep breaths. He will return for a follow up in one week. It's not nice seeing him in pain. I had to help him put his socks on and pull his shorts up; any movement is really hard for him. He can hardly sit or get up from a sitting or laying position. But I'll tell you he has one part of his body that is still working. ehhehehe. Can you guess what part? I swear, men can be in pain, but that one part will still always be ready for service. LOL.

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