Friday, July 23, 2004

Bright Yellow????

No I haven’t decided to paint the Altima bright yellow, but I do have a funny story to tell. Today we were just sitting around and getting ready to head out when Duke started to make some weird noises. All of a sudden Mianna looks at him and says "mom Duke is going to through up". O my god he was in the doorway to my room and I was trying to grab news paper to put it down as he walked from my room to the back of the couch and then Mianna dragged him out to the front door. Poor Duke, he is just like a kid, he must have got into some thing yellow, but I’m still not sure what he could have eaten. But if you can picture this yellow gook that was so sticky like glue, and I mean it was as bright as a yellow crayon. Just what was this mysterious regurgitation? Duke seems fine now, but I had the joy of cleaning up the long trail of yellow gunk. I think we need a carpet cleaner along with a new vacuum cleaner, since ours is broke. :o(

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