Thursday, January 26, 2006

Trip to the ER

I have been sick since Sunday and just when I thought I was feeling better I decided to return to work on Wed. Today I went in for about 2 hours and was feeling really dizzy. I called the hospital from work to see if I could get an appointment and they said they were full and had no appointments. They put me online with a nurse that told me I should go into to the ER. I was in the ER for about 20 minutes and they called me back and put me in a bed and hooked me up to a heart machine and vital machine. I had no temp and heart was all good, except the Dr told me heard and extra sound when he listen to my heart and that was the first time anyone has ever told me that. Anyways, we looked pass the heart sound since he said it might just be my breathing sound along with the heart and they proceeded to check me out and ask all the normal questions. They found my ears were all plugged up with was, nothing new for me since I have a history of ear wax and so they flushed my ears and they also found I was dehydrated and so they hooked me up to and IV and gave me 2 bags of solution to hydrate me. Now I'm home feeling almost the same , but just bloated with this fat belly looking like I'm PG, which I'm not. I think my body is holding all the dang water I've been drinking alone with the 2 bags they gave me with the IV. I was in the ER for 3 1/2 hours and it was so strange to be there listening in on all the patients around me as I lay there resting. The lady next to me was in because she thought her breast implant might have a leak or something, and then they put another lady down on the end that was having a panic attack with this loud OUCH OUCH with a Filipino accent and she was just so out of it. They pumped her with morphine and finally calmed her down with more meds and then had a DR. and phyco consult and all sort of DR going in and out to see her. She was fine, just freaking out. I felt a little silly being in the ER, since I was not dying, but I have been so dizzy for the past 2 days, Rich had to take me to the ER and also took me home on Sunday when I called him to tell him I was sick at work and needed to go home. You all know I hate going to doctors and I hate being sick. I usually never get sick, but this one is kicking me in the butt. I'm off to bed now and thank goodness I'm off tomorrow, but I should be working on Sat morning. I might have to get out of it, if I'm still feeling bad tomorrow. I'll probably call to see my family practice DR this next week if I can, just get another check up. I'm still a little dizzy. No ear infection, but my head is all stuffy and they did give me some meds for that. I sure hope this mess goes away because I hate it.

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PhotoMom said...

Poor Virgi. =( I hope you feel better soon!