Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Home sick

This is my first cold of 2006. I made it the entire year of 2005 and I don't recall getting sick at all last year. I went to work on Sunday and by the end of the day I was just feeling horrible and Rich had to come pick me up and drive me home. I have been sitting home since Sunday, just relaxing and drinking lots of water while taking Theraflu and Sudafed. I just ate a bowl of ramin noodles with egg and it was pretty good, helps the clear up my sinus when I drink the hot juices. I have managed to file our taxes while I've been home. I must say that FL taxes makes such a big difference over CA. I will stay a resident as long as I can. I love Cali and all, but they have some F up taxes in that state. We do not pay state taxes here in FL and we can claim all taxes we pay on major purchases, clothing, food, the works. I'm a super receipt savor and some people find it hard to believe but I do save every single receipt. I was upset that a few of my receipt were blank because of the type of paper they use to print the receipts, so I was not about to read a few of my WinDixie receipts and have learned a lesson for next year. I'll have to make a copy of my receipts that come from that store from now on. I got one yesterday when I went to go by my medicine,so I'll have to make a copy of it. I'll get my envelopes ready for this year and mark them Jan-Dec 06. I hope I feel better so I can try and go back to work tomorrow, but If not Ill just take one more day off, thank goodness I have sick leave hours on the books I can use.

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