Sunday, January 29, 2006

2nd trip to ER

I have had no relieve from the affect of the dizzyness that I have been experiencing for 1 week now. I was in the ER for the second time in 3 days and today I finally got some meds to help with the vertigo. My head cold is what is causing the vertigo and its because of the entire inner ear, mechanisms and so the Commander I saw today gave me some meds to help clear up my ear and make the dizzyness go away. I have only taken one pill so far and fell a little better. I'll take it 3 times a day and have a chit to stay home for the next two days and get back on my feet. I hope this works for me. I'm so sick of rocking in this boat. The DR says I'm only about 2 degrees off, when he did that follow my finger test with my eyes. If he had performed the test when I was feeling the effect full force at work, I wold have not been able to follow his finger at all. That gives you some perspective on how bad my vertigo is. I needed help to the bathroom and walking.

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