Monday, January 02, 2006

Sea World Orlando,Aligator Farm and New Years

Alligator Love
We finally made it out to Sea World Orlando on Friday. This place is nice and we watched the Shamu show and a few other shows as well. Rich and I rode the Kraken and that was fun. We had a few free drinks at the Anheiswer Bush beer tasting and I tryed this new beer called B-to-the-E. . If you don't like beer, you might like this, is taste less like beer and has no bitter tast at all. At the end of the night we watched the fireworks and then headed home. We had planned to go to the Zoon on Sat, but had so much to do that morining we had to changed plans and went out to St. Augustine to the Aligator Farm. I had the most gross thing happen to me while at the farm. I was about to enter one of the bulding, but never made it in, when all of a sudden I felt a huge spash hit me all over from above. I just stood there with my hands out to the side as I said outloud, "Please someone tell me that it's raining or that is water that just hit me all over. NO it was not raining and not water. A GIANT Stork like bird had SHITTED all over me. I was covered so bad, on my forhead, hair, houlders , chest area and even on my camer, camera case and strap. I had to go to the bathroom to clean up and then my grandma bought me an Aligator shirt to wear for the rest of the day. I will never forget the last day of 2005. After the Aligator farm we went to Richie's coworkers house for a lttle bit to hang out and then about 10:30pm we headed downtown to watch the fireworks on the blue bridge. I spoke to my mom and Mianna on the phone just before midnight and wished them a early Happy New Year, since they are in the West and we were celebrating first here on the First Coast. Oya, I forgot to BLog Happy New Years to you all.

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