Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's my Friday

O man o man, nothing feels as good as your Friday, no matter what day of the week it might start. I'm over worked and under paid. ehhehhe. This comes from ME, who use to make a killing and now only make a little over minimum wage. I was doing a search on a job site that posted the min, med and max amount I should be getting compared to the rest of the people in my area working at the job I do now, with the minimum pay falling at twice what I make now and the medium at 31,000 a year and 37 for the height. I SO need to move to a bigger company and make some more MULA. The housing market here is insane and cheap, I just want to get in on a bigger and better house with all the extra money I could be making and also save for the next 5 years for my KID to go to college. Rich is such a good saver and has more then 8 times the amout I have saved and I'm so proud of him. He plays a little in stocks and I just love it when he tells me he made 200 over the past 2 day and he just keeps it up we will have a good chunk to help our girl go to college and have some good saving. She says she will only go for a masters, but right now she is itching to do some modeling and I'm lagging on helping her get in to an agent. She could be making more than me. ehehhe. Anyways, back to the plan at hand..... Rich was talking to a friend at work that suggested I check out the place he had an interview at , they are paying $22per hour for my same type of job. The company is much bigger and so it reflects in the pay, but I'm sure the stress is about the same or more. Some times peoples are so RETARDED on the phone. I've see it , or should I say, heard it all. I'm on it . I'm on it. Found some more homes, tucked away in flemming Island that are right up in the half a mill mark, but killer looking homes and we really don't need that much space, but I'm sure they have smaller models that cost less. I will not sale this home, but will rent it out and try to go that direction. I have to go, Project Runway is on and it's a must see for me. Sorry I havn't had much time to Blogg and was so busy during the Holidays but it'a new year and I'm ready for the new stories I'll blogg about and get to look back on one day.

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