Saturday, October 21, 2006


Yesterday my aunt called to tell me that grandma had suffered a stroke. She is in the hospital now and they really can't pinpoint when it happen, but the day she went into ER she had been complaining that her head hurt and her arm hurt. My mom was the one that was with here and I'm not real sure if they called 911 or if they just took her in. My aunt says that she has had some damage and it's evident in her speech and she is incoherent. They ask her what is the first name and she can say Evelyn but it's delayed. She couldn't give them her last name, but moments later would just blurt out her last name. Some of her speech is all jumbled and making no sense at all. I sure hope she is going to be okay. My grandma just turned 80 this year and I just spoke to her on Wednesday and she was telling me all about her new kitchen. She really is a strong lady and so I hope she pulls through this.

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