Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Vaction Adventures

Rich and I took vacation starting the 25th of October but didn't start our vacation journey till the 26th. We got up around 7am and left around 10:30am and drove down to Key West and got there after a 9-hour drive. When we reached the Keys the sun was setting and so it was nice to drive into the sunset. We were so excited to get there and we had a trailer reserved on base with MWR. We didn't plan to stay there, but they had an opening at the last minute for the next 3 days and so we were booked for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and we left the Keys on Sunday. We had planned this same trip last year but canceled it due to the hurricanes last year. We going down for this huge party called Fantasy Fest.. And let me tell you it was just that for us, a huge fantasy fest. All I can say is what goes on in Key West stays in Key West. We had so much fun walking up and down Duval Street and looking at all the wild dressed costumes or the lack of costumes for that matter. It was such an awesome time. The first day night we checked in to our trailer and then got a taxi ride that was latterly 2 minutes away within walking distance to the main street where we walked until we reached Fogertys were we had dinner and that was awesome. I feel in love with the way they made long island ice tea and so that became my drink of the night. The next few days we just hung out each night on Duval and ventured in to some of the clubs to dace ou booties off and then back to the room for rest, to get and do it all over again the next day. We had breakfast at a few hole in the wall places that were awesome. On Sunday we headed north to Miami to stay for a few days and that was like being in another world. Most people in Miami and not from FL, and speak no English. We stayed in South beach both nights and the first night I was on a mission to take Rich to his Birthday surprise and he was very surprised. We ate dinner at Nobu found inside the Shore Club hotel and we had the most relaxing sit and talk time at the Sky bar located right there in shore club and the feel of the Miami nights are just as you thought it would be, cool, relaxing and electric all at the same time. Let me see if I can recall what we had for dinner. For our drink we had a bottle of white wine from Italy it was #304 ehhehe. We couldn't read the bottle but Rich remembered the #.
For our entree we had Chilian Sea Bass Moromiso-yaki and Rock Shrimp Tempura (Ponzu or Creamy Sauce). We had some complementary shrimp appetizer and for dessert, we had the famous bento box, it's a chocolate soufflĂ© with green tea ice cream. O my god I live for the bento box and wouldn’t be surprised if I try to make trip down to Miami every other month just to have it. We were going to go home but decided to stay one more night and have dinner at the place I’ve always wanted to go to, it’s called The bed. I saw this place many years ago on E TV and it just sounded like a neat concept. This place is set up with many beds all around the room and two beds in the center of the room. We had a bed off in the corner near the bar and it was just perfect for a quiet dinner out. I had a nice size 9oz lobster tail called Lobster Santos hence the name “Santos” its a
Caribbean Lobster, Baked Pineapple, Celery & Tomatoes with Coconut Cashew Ginger Sauce. It was mm mm good. Rich had the Filet Mignon Tenderloin with Herb Roasted Red Baby Bliss Potatoes, Shoestring Zucchini and Squash with Choice of Cabernet or Gorgonzola Sauce 36. We fed each other in bed and we also had a good bottle of red wine and to top it all off for dessert we had Fire and Ice Molten Chocolate Cake topped with Vanilla Rum Ice Cream with Carmel and Chocolate Sauces 12. The Fire and Ice was okay, the bento box defiantly puts it to shame. After we were done eating dinner we stuck around, because the restaurant turns into a nightclub and it was themed Al Capone night for a costume party. I was already dressed up a blond mistress, with my makeup done professionally by this lady down the street in a little spa shop. Rich was dressed in him Kenneth Cole from head to toe and it was looking hot. I tell you they do know how to party in Miami. I danced with a naughty nurse, Ali G, Lil John and Rich ehehhee. It was such a fun place to party. We got sleep and headed off to our hotel room, that was just down the way in what looked like little Spain or a Spanish town are of Miami. Over all we had a good time and those of you closes to us would love to hear all the juicy stories you know we have to many to tell and could never mention them in blogg. Eheheh. Yes life was full of fun and play for our vacation and it was long over due.

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