Thursday, August 03, 2006

LA bound

Thanks to my buddy in LA, I'm now at the airport in Nashville and on my way to LA for the weekend. I took 5 days off from work to just relax and have fun. I didn't plan this trip to LA till the very last minute and Erin was a big help in getting me the flight to LA with her flight points she has earned from being a frequent flyer. Thank you Erin! and I love you. I'm in TN for about 50 more minutes and got an itch to get on the net and blogg a little bit. I can now picture all the things that Mianna went through just a few weeks ago, when she was in this same airport. I see a your traveler just like her and she is sitting on the floor by the boarding letter so that she gets a good seat and that is exactly what Mianna told me she did. I'm not sure what Miss Erin had in store for us this weekend,but I do know it will include lot of FUN!!!! I always mange to have too much fun with her and I plan to take plenty of picture to post of Flikr. Well fellow blogger, I'm off to surf the web and get settled in before we boart the flight. Peace! Ill update you all on my Bday in the next blogg. I did have a good day!

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