Saturday, November 26, 2005

Necklace hunt

Today Rich and I hit the mall all day in search of a necklace to go with my gown. We discovered the mesh style necklaces that come in white gold and two toned beaded. I had some pieces on that were worth over 3000, but the best one of all was only 1000 some with 70 off and we passed it up for now. Rich couldn't see why it was worth so much, but it was so pretty. I'm not sure if we will get it or if I'll just wear my pearls. I'll try to find a link to what is similar to it. Some looked like this but without the pearlsclick here I also had on one like this. We had so much fun and it was funny how we attracted so much attention when ever I had one on, the entire store would ooo and ahhh and say how pretty I looked, I was a princess for a day LOL, hehehehe.

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