Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I got my haircut and colored today. I had to go to the hair college to try and save some money since my normal cut and color usually cost over 200 some. I got it done so dirt cheap and it looks cute. I'm happy with it and Rich likes it. Mianna didn't notice it and thinks it's the same as it was. Some time she is just I don't know, retarted. My hair is nothing at all like the way it use to be. Anyways, I have my dress and hair ready for the x-mas party and now all I need is to figure out what accessories to wear. I'll need a necklace, purse and shoes to top it all off and I'll be ready. I'm excited for x-mas since grandma and my mom will be coming out to FL. I need to start my X-mas shopping. I'm so bad I still need to mail out Bryce B-day gift (sorry it's so late) I've had it for weeks but was bad about getting it in the box to mail it out. I kinda ripped Elmo's butt butt when I took him out the box and so I have to fix it. ehhehe. Ingrid, I'll try to get it out this week. Okay I'm off this thing, need to go relax.


PhotoMom said...

HEhehe... poor Elmo's butt. No worries on shipping it late. He's so young that he doesn't notice. ;) He's got 4 Elmo's to tie him over in the meantime. FOUR! Can you believe it?

I'm so happy that your mom and grandma are flying out to visit you. That will be a really nice Xmas.

Marge called and said she'd spend Xmas Eve at our house. Are you still coming out for New Years?

virgi said...

the one we got him is so cute, it's bilingual elmo. I know how your big on languages. ehhehe