Thursday, October 06, 2005

Much needed update

Our painted kitchen
Sorry for taking forever and a million to update my bogg. LOL. I wanted to post the new picture of the kitchen and the orange frottage treatment we did to the walls. Our kitchen is really small but it took us 9 hours to paint it. We still have some touchup to make and then we will start painting the family room and nook area. We picked a color by Behr called peanut butter and a dark brown color for the fireplace wall. We plan on buying new couches one day and I have my eye on a white sofa. The family room will be a little modern with simple decorations and abstract area rug.

Not much to talk about except I have been working like crazy but in about 21 days we will be taking a vacation and not sure if we will go on a cruise or just go down to Key West and have some fun during Fantasy Fest. I'm so ready for this vacation. I will be off for about 11 days. I think I'll check out some last minute cruises to book for our vacation. We will be celebration Ritchie’s B-day and our special day that we consider and anniversary of sorts, and it has been 14 long ass years now. Dam... Rich is at night school getting his edumacation and I'm in charge of dinner tonight and so far we are having smoothies LOL. I need to get up off of my but but and go to the store for some food to cook for dinner. I might just chicken out and buy some fast food LOL. I'm so lazy right now, but I did sweep the entire floor when I got home and I’m still in my work clothes. I also cleaned up the kitchen some and maybe I'll take some more picture and close-ups of the wall in the kitchen.

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