Monday, October 31, 2005

Disney World

We are back from Orlando and had a great time there. We started our vacation on Thursday and just got home yesterday at 9pm. The first night we drove down 142 miles, took us exactly 2 hours and found our hotel. We stayed at a really cheap hotel called Howard Johnson and the hotel was nothing fancy, but it did have a HUGE jacuzzi and a heated pool.We sat in the jacuzzi to soak our soar feet on the first day and also swam in the pool. We spent the first day at Disney's Animal Kingdom.We went on Kilimanjaro Safaris, Dinosaur,Primeval Whirl and watched it's Tough to be a Bug in 3D. We let Mianna choose the parks for each day and on the second day we visited MGM and Epcot. on the last day we did a little bit more at Epcot and road the Monerail to The Magic Kingdom and then back to Epcot to get on few more rides and eat dinner and then we headed home around 7 and was home in time to watch Desperate housewives even though it was a rerun :o( My favorite rides were Soarin over California and Test Track at Epcot. Misson Space was also fun but it made me and Mianna a little queasy. The entire stay was so much fun but by the second day my feet were killing me and Mianna was the only one ready to go home by the 3rd day, she just wanted to leave. We will go back next month for her B-day most likely. We spent Richies special day at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom, he had a good Birthday. Our vaction is still on, but no more Key West since the storm changed our plans.

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