Tuesday, October 18, 2005


We are all in love with this song at the moment. Mianna has the CD and well I'm trying to upload some song to Richies mini so he can go jogging. Right now I filling it with Bob Marley songs and he asked me to take of the Ashlee Simpson I put on when the mini was connected to the computer. ehhehehe. It's too funny. The mini can hold 1000 songs, not bad, but we have more than 1000 songs on our computer. I'll need the regular IPod for me. ehehhe. one day. O the song is on the Gwen Stefani CD and the title is Luxurious. Biggie Small aka Big papa did the same beat back in the day and the original beats come from a super old song. What I'm into is TI. you don't know TI, owell then, you'll just don't know then. TI.... I love his voice. Ummm. U don't know me. The south is rubbing off on me and I do miss the WEST. Okay I better go to bed now, I'm sleepy and this ipod is taking for ever to download 500 songs.

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