Saturday, September 17, 2005


Me and Erin
IForgot I had a blogg LOL. I got back from my Tampa trip late or should I say early morning on Wednesday. I was in Tampa for Sunday and Monday and then left at 10:45pm. I had so much fun with Erin. We didn't do too much but what little we did was relaxing, romantic and just fun. Okay so you want to hear about the romantic stuff first? Okay, well I picked her up at the airport after a couple try to get the blue side of the airport and not the red side. Why are airports always so confusing? Anyways, we went to find her hotel and she was staying at a pretty cute place that reminds me of the Navy Lodge with the little kitchenette and it also had a bar to eat at and a couch with a coffee table and sink outside of the bathroom. We had decided on outfits to wear to dinner and laid them out on the bed and then I took of picture of it. ehhehe.
Anyways the romance comes into play when we head to the Rusty Pelican for dinner. Not the chain that we use to know of in CA, but an actual restaurant in Tampa called the Rusty Pelican. We had the entire restaurant to our selves and so that made it all romantic and the setting was very fancy as we sat right by the window and were looking at the ocean. I had stuffed salmon and it was wrapped in a pastry purse and Erin had seafood fettuccine.
Me and my  salmon purse dinner
Erin had seafood fettuccine
After dinner we just headed back to the room and looked at some pictures online and then went to bed. The next morning I got up early and dropped Erin off at her class that was only 7 minutes away from the hotel and then headed back to the hotel to just chill out and watch old movie with Robin Williams and then met Erin for Lunch. We ate at a small dinner and then I dropped her back to school. I went shopping at TJ Maxx for about 3 hours and then picked her up to head to the mall for more shopping. We walked through and looked at the shoes in Neiman Marcus where I took this picture of Erin on the other side of the butterflies.

Erin in the Butterflies
I feel in love with a pair of shoes in there and seen some nock offs at BeBe that almost look like the ones in Nemin Marcus. I shopped at BeBe the day before wile I was waiting for Erins plane to come in and got some really cute pieces for fall. I shopped untill I almost dropped .lol. I love to shop. okay so I'm off , I'm off to go shop again. I have a b-day gift to get and mail out for Alisha and also need to return a shit I got at BeBe.

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