Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurricane Rita

This Hurricane is HUGE and the bands are causing some rain for us. I think this is like over 300 some miles wide and the outer bands caused a lot of rain yesterday and even a plane crash right on base. We heard a loud bang around noon and I just thought it was Thunder, but then Jess walks in and says a plane just crashed real close to base. There were 3 guys on board and they all died. The plane was struck by lightning and that is what made it crash. All day today we have been watching hurricane Rita and just wondering what it's going to do. Looks like it took more of a turn and New Orleans will be hit again. I have a few coworkers who have family in Corpus and Houston and so we are praying for them all. Jess actually has her parents in Corpus and they decided to stay and not evacuate.

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