Sunday, September 04, 2005

House Party

Yesterday we had our first house party. It was so much fun having all our friends over to BBQ and eat good food. I had made potato salad and Rich BBQ chicken and some guest brought hotdogs, hamburgers and home made purtorican dishes. We had about 11 adults and 7 kids. Mianna had Jenny over and had fun entertaining the kids. We were proud to show off our newly painted wall and all the light fixtures and fans we had installed. Everyone liked the house and had a fun time. After the party we all headed over to the bowling alley on base for some cosmic bowling. I'm so horrible at bowling but a few times I picked up my spare and I might have got 1 strike. I think, I'm so sleepy right now at work typing this. We got home after midnight and so I didn't get enough sleep. I could just pass out right now on my keyboard. I have a choice to be off tomorrow and still get paid for it, but I'll work to make the extra holiday pay.

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