Saturday, September 10, 2005


ribs plate
Guam Ribs

Today we are having a gathering at our house and just a few folks over. We are not having anything as big as last time, but this time we are having Chamorrow ribs and Chicken Kelaquin. The only thing we are missing is red rice. :o( I just got back from picking up Jenny and she will spend the night. Tomorrow my girl friend Erin is coming in from LA, but she flies into Tampa and will be there for a class that is one week long. I will drive down to Tampa about 5 hours to meet her at the airport and I bought her some pretty flowers. I took 2 days off so I can spend a good day with her in Tampa and have some R&R. This is probably the first time I have taken a Sunday and Monday off in over a years time. I was off yesterday and today, so this is SOOOOO much fun for me to be off and relax. I love it! I want to go shopping so bad, but I'll wait till I get to Tampa and go to the HUGE ass mall they have there. I'm excited to go to Tampa in my fast ass Acura, NO I'll be doing the speed limit and driving like a grandma. No money for a ticket and no money to waist on gas. I probably wouldn't get a ticket anyways, since I'm known for getting away with my smile and girlie eyes. Fun being a girl some when it comes to that type of stuff. I'll try to take some pictures of the food to make you all malagu.heheheh.

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PhotoMom said...

Yummmmm.... we went to Yokozuna's tonight on a "date" I had the chicken kelaguin and red rice. YUM! Love it, love it, love it!