Monday, January 28, 2008

Step 2

I began to get my hospital bag and put the last minute stuff in it since it was still not packed all the way. All I could think of was I was alone and didn't want to go to the hospital alone. I was scared that contraction would start right away but thank goodness it didn't. I made few phone calls to the important people who said they would be there for me and they were there. I decided to get in the car and drive to Miannas school that was 2 minutes away and pick her up. I spoke with Ingrid and I think she was the one who told me to go only if the school is not that far away. She also advised me to call the school so that they would have her ready for pickup, but I was in a panic and couldn't find the number to the school. I also passed the exit to the school and had to turn around. Once I had Mianna with me I become very calm and happy. Baby girl thought she might have to do some illegal driving, but lucky for us I only had 2 small contractions and we made it to the hospital safely. Rexy phoned that she would be on the way, Beth also phoned she would be on the way and some how Jon called to say he would meet me at the hospital. I think Beth might have called the job to let them know and my boss allowed Jon to meet me at the hospital. He was the first person we seen walking in the parking lot towards us. He actually got there before we did.After checking in we got our room on the Labor and Delivery floor. I was very nerous about Rich making it there ontime, but it couldn't have been more perfect than right out a movie.Rich left VA at 4:30 and got to FL around 6:30, got to the hospital about 7:20 or so and we had Talon at 7:42. Dad was there to watch the entire thing and even cut the umbilical cord twice.It only took me two sessions of pushing. You push is sessions of 3count, so by the 6th count, Talon entered the world.

I kept the email and text messages as a still moment in time for memory as to what went down that day.

This is the email I sent

Sent: Tue 1/22/08 12:54 PM
My water just broke. Get on a plane now

Sent: Tue 1/22/08 1:02 PM
Dad it's time.

Tue 1/22/08 1:08 PM
Going to the hospitalj now

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