Sunday, June 18, 2006


I have spent the past few days, off from the second job and with nothing to do on my day off on Friday and Saturday. Mianna is in SD and it feels like I've lost my purse and this emptiness that is so hard to fill. I was so so board out of my mind and depressed the day she left that all I did was sleep. I couldn't even get happy windows shopping on the Mac .LOL. I still feel the same today and it's Fathers Day. My hubby is out BBQing and then we will be going over to some friends house for a gathering. I've been so depressed the past few days, I thinks it's because Mianna is gone and I'm not finding things to fulfill the void. I have been on-call at BEBE so much more than I actually work and that kind of stinks. I think I'll charge my camera battery and take plenty of pictures today. The weather outside is overcast and gray so that is how I feel today. I think we need to take a vacation and go some place fun.

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