Thursday, June 15, 2006

ER room this morning

I got up this morning and started to get ready for work as usual when I found Rich in pain. He said he came home from work late last night and just started to have chest pains and then they started to get worst. He stayed up all night with the pain and it took me all morning to convince him to go in to the ER. The Dr did and EKG and chest x-rays and blood work twice. They found nothing wrong except one enzyme that was slightly elevated. They gave him some pain killers and told him to follow up with his Dr tomorrow. I called in to both jobs and got off since I had to take him in and just wouldn't feel comfortable leaving him, incase he had the pain again. This is about the 3 or 4th time he has had this similar pain and no one can really tell us what is going on. The Dr said it was some type of fluid in his cavity wall, but not in his lungs and that it just happens. I have no idea what these Dr are talking about, because they don't take the time to explain the situation well, and the nurse was actually more informative and reminded us of the Black Dr on Grays Anatomy, Dr Bailey. Rich is in bed resting since he was up for 24 hours and tomorrow we have to get up and head to the airport by 6am since Mianna leave to SD at 7:15am. My poor Richie boy scares me some times and I just hope he gets better.

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Dee said...

Hope your husband is feeling better. How scary this must have been for you two. CHest pains are nothing to take lightly.