Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Seeing more clearly now

BCBG Maxazria glasses
I got my eyes checked a few weeks ago and it just so happened it was on the day I had my pampered chef party and Lugo's going away party. I remember I as blind for about 4 hours after I had my pupils dilated. YUCK that really sucked! Today I picked up my new eye glasses and everyone at work likes the way they look on me. Mianna said I look younger and look like a college student. Now all I need is my braces and I'll really look 20 some thing. ehehhe. I love my new BCBG Maxazria glasses. ehehhe, I had to go designer... I'm such a nut. I have contacts ass well, but only need correction in one eye with the contact. I had Mianna snap this shot of me in my new look.

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Hayleigh said...

Nerd!! Welcome to the club!