Saturday, May 06, 2006

Girls Night Out

My night out with girls was a success. We ended up going to a club in South Side called the Globe. We did shots of patrone all night. Well I had 2 1/2 and called it quits and only drank water and XL energy drinks..mmmmmmm, But S and C had so much fun and we danced our booties off. The atmosphere was great, but the kids looked so young, man we are getting old and it's so strange to be around such a young group of kids. I was having flash backs of when I was in my 20's and that was not too long ago. Our partying days of about 10 years ago, was filled with so many memories and good times. I wish I had some old pictures, but my friend M has all the pictures. I like to look back at them and see how skinny I was use to be with my short ass skirts and belly baring tops. This celebration was for S's Bday and lets just say she had way tooooo much fun!

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