Saturday, June 05, 2004

Sunshine and thunder

This sunshine state has some really crazy weather. Today I witness this unpredictability. The day started off as a really sunny and humid day. We figured this would be perfect weather to grill out. So we got inspired by some watching, and decided on a Korean theme. We planned to make Korean style BBQ ribs and some kimchee. All of a sudden it began to rain and out here it is very common to have rain and sunshine together. This place reminds me of Hawaii so much in that aspect of the weather. Well along with the light rain and sun, we started to hear thunder. So we are experiencing our first sunny thunderstorm. It's too crazy to look outside and see this bright sunny sky with thunder in the air. We decided to stay in and make this a super lazy Saturday.

So I ran around the house cleaning up and taking picture. Take a glimpse of our apartment. I still have to clean up the 3rd bedroom. I heard from my cousins that they could be heading out to visit us, sooner then we expected, so I might have to work on that 3rd room, this week.

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