Thursday, June 10, 2004

BBQ Chicken,Ribs or Sushi

Today we had decided on eating BBQ chicken for dinner, so I got the marinade all ready. This is my new favorite marinade for those of you who want to try it. Well it's not so new, but it's just a little different then my usual. Anyways. I don't really use measuring cups, so you just have to eye ball it. But I start off with Soy sauce (Kikkoman), white vinegar, one lemon, water, onions, garlic or powder if you’re lazy. I put more soy than vinegar and just a little bit of water to balance out the saltiness and sour. You can add a few T of sugar if you like. I squeeze the juice of one lemon and then I take that same lemon and cut it up into slices and add it to the sauce for more flavors. I use black pepper to taste and one medium onion. You can put a couple cloves of crushed garlic or a few T of garlic powder. Then I just mix it all up and taste it. Adjust it if you need, by adding more soy or vinegar or what ever. But it should taste real good. Then I just toss the chicken in and set and forget it. The best way to cook this is on an outside grill, but if you have and indoor one, that might work too.

So after all that hard work, we started to have our daily 4 o clock showers and thunderstorm, so it usually clears up in about 30 minutes or so, but today it just stuck around a little longer and it started to get dark. So the chicken is still in the fridge and we will have some good finger licking chicken tomorrow.

Rich took us out to Dick's wings, but they ran out of ribs and I was really craving ribs, after not being able to have bbq chicken. We had ordered our appetizer and just decided to eat that and then run to the Japanese restaurant across the street. Mianna was really craving some sushi and that sounded so good too. I was just so hungry at this point; that I would have ate the duck we ran into outside the restaurant. LOL.

So we finally end up at the very first Japanese restaurant that we ever ate at in Jax's, knowing how good this place was, I was ready to tear down. So we ordered spicy tuna, regular tuna, California roll and some tempura. Mmm mm mmm, it was all-good. I'll have to take pics of the chicken that we will have tomorrow. ehhehe.

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