Thursday, February 08, 2007


I went to Miami last weekend for the SuperBowl and had a really fun time. I was online, just reading the headlines on yahoo, when I read that Ann Nicole Smith just died today, She died at the hotel we stayed at in Hollywood, Fl. the Hard Rock hotel and she also stayed on the same floor we stayed on. We were there both Friday and Saterday night. I wonder if she was there since the weekend, for SuperBowl, just like we were. Its just crazy that she dead only 5 months after her son just died in the Bahamas. read this While at the Hard Rock we saw that guy that sang Ice Ice baby. ehhehehe and also saw Dennis Rodman checkin in. I have met him and seen him before so it was no big deal to see him again. We had so much fun partying like Rock stars. and the Hard Rock is so pretty. I played one slot machine and lost 1 buck. ehehhe. I didn't take to many pictures, but I'll try to upload what I did take.

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