Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cleaning house

Yesterday I was off from work and we decided to stay home and really clean house to the nitty gritty. You know how you clean up quick and then you have days or weekends where you really clean up. I'm talking take the kitchen drawer and reorganize and throw out crap and junk in the junk drawer. It's funny but we don't have junk drawer, but I clean out the kitchen so good and even pulled out the stove and fridge to dust behind them. We cleaned up so nice. When I got home today it made me so happy to walk into a nice clean clutter free home. The hardwood floor looks so good when it's free of spots and birdseeds. Our pets are the corporate to the messy house. Between dog hair and birdseeds, we have to sweep and vacuum all the time. Rich made us make a good investment into our tough animal vac by Dyson and you know how much we love that thing. I used the attachments to get into and behind all the crevasses in the kitchen and in the cabinets too. I swear we will surely miss this place when we decide to give it up. We did get our orders to Norfolk, VA, but we will not move until some time next year. Rich will report to VA this July and be out on det for about 5 months and after he returns we will plan our move to Norfolk. We started to shop around for a house or a condo and boy o boy it's expensive. It would be nice if he makes chief before we move or shortly after, we could buy a nice home and see a really good return when we sale it, but for now no stress and we stay put till next year.

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