Friday, July 07, 2006

It's Friday!!!

O the joy of being off. I got up early this morning and the first thing on my mind, was to call work and see if they needed my help, but then I came to my senses and said. HELLO take a break. I'm actually off from BOTH jobs today and here I am trying make my self go to work!!!!! Silly girl, so here I am, enjoying the day and being lazy and, also catching up on some house work and getting things in order around here. I cleaned off the nook table because it became and catch all mail pile instead of a table and I shredded old mail. I vacuumed the entire kitchen and living area and now my feet are happy! The birds always have a mess around their cage and table so I cleaned that up and here we are only 4 hours later and its a mess again. They are so playfull today that they are just making feather fly in the air, you would think they had some type of bird nip thats making them act all crazy. I should put on my paint clothes and go to town in the spare bedroom, but I'm just not in a painting mood. I want the house to be spotless for when Richie gets home and that will make him smile. He always cleans up for me so I come home to a nice home, but it's rare for me to do it, since I'm usually working 50 to 60 hours a week with the full and part time job. The money is not even close to what I thought it would be but it helps out with the extras. The discount from shopping at my favorite store is nice as well. I try not to shop as much and so I buys stuff on sale. I only bough a hat this past week and it was like 20 bucks. It's like so Jlo about 4 years ago, but I love it. I have to make sure I keep the sun off my face so I can age with grace. eheheh. I feel Mianna will be dropping some major $$$ for school supplies when she gets back from SD and so I'm saving up for that. I think I might send her to AZ in a few weeks and let her spend some time there. She wants to come home early and spend some time with us, but I have to put in for some days off from the jobs. Duke is the only one that is so alone without her, we miss her so much, but he is really hurting from her being gone. He actually mopes around with sad eyes looking like he wants him mommy. I let him listen to her on the cell phone today and he kept looking around in circles, trying to see her in the phone, it was so funny.

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