Sunday, May 04, 2008

Rolls Royce

I just can't believe how fast my son is growing. He is so much fun now with his laughter and smile. He actaully screams or squills more in the morning time. I thinks it's his way of opening up his lungs and letting some oxygen in. Today I got a new toy for my boy and I love it to death. It the Rolls Royce of stroller, "hence the name Royce". LOL anyways it's the Stokke. I'm so stoked about this stoller. Some people would say we are crazy, but hey if a vacum cost about as much as this and it makes life so much more easy and I'm happy, then so be it. I would rather have this stroller than the one I use to have. It moves with ease and is just a delight to see the reaction on my baby boys face as he is up and interacting with me and his surroundings. I think he might just sleep really good tonight because he was up most of the day just enjoying his new found perspective on things. O ,YES, he is up to eat... gotta go. The susu is too full. :) He ate and went right back to bed.

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