Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I have so much to say about time, First off it's flying by and my baby boy is like 7 weeks now. Second I have no time anymore. How can it be that time is flying by so fast and at the same time I feel like I haven't got enough time to do all that I need to do. I think I'm a little stressed with all the days in and days out with the baby and trying to balance my time seems to be a big challenge for me. I have a 16 year old dog as most of you know and he is just going downhill with his health. I find my self taking out my anger on him, but he causes most of my anger with him messing the house. How can I find the time to take care of the baby and mop up my floors and clean the carpets, more than 3 times a day because he messes it up so bad. I had to vent to Rich in email and to my daughter. Baby girl has been so great with helping out with the baby and with dinner.I hardly get to sit at the computer and surf the net or just blog. I have little time for me, no me time at all. Well right now Talon is asleep in his swing and I should be eating since I hardly have time to do that, but what do i grab to eat, candy. I did eat breakfast at like 2am this morning, I have to grab food when i can because the baby never likes to be put down. i have to have him on my hip 24 /7. he will not sleep unless he is rocked or in our arms and then you can put him down and hope he doesn't realize your putting him down. I will say he has used his crib everyday and would be in it now ,but the swing was closer and I'm playing Sade music for him. My neighbors gave me his first cd player for the crib, i just need to make some CD's for him. They also gave me a baby monitor that I just love. I used it yesterday so that i can keep Talon in the crib for his afternoon nap and run around the house folding and putting away laundry. I finally unpacked my suite case from our trip to VA. I want to take a trip to CA, but it looks like we will not have a chance to with Duke the way he is in health. Mianna should be home anytime now and I'll jump in the shower, not sure what I'll eat for lunch. I am so tiny compared to before I was pregnant. I have no butt, all my clothes are loose and I'm just wilting away it seems. I'm about 110, but no muscle mass and my boobs are like DD's now. it's a good thing to be small, but when I can't fit my bottoms because they are big and can't fit my tops because they are too small, its fustrating to get dressed to leave the house. I will just wear sweats and old shirts around the house and boob tubes as my friend in Australia would call it. Its so much easier to wear a tube top when your breast feeding. O lord, Talon just started to fuss, see, time is just not there for me, I guess I'll have to get some soup to eat while I hold him in my arms, or pass him off to Mianna since she just walked in the door. bye folks.

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