Friday, March 30, 2007

Budgie training

Our baby girl is all alone, the other baby budgie died some time ago and so now pretty girl is all alone. I have been trying to train her to sit on my finger and get her use to me so I can hold her, but she is still shy. It's real hard when your never home and they need lots of attention all day long and lots of training. I went to the store yesterday to find lots of treats and toys for her. We are trying to find her a better mirror since they love company it will help her not feel alone. I actually read online that she can die of being lonely. They are originally from Australia and fly together in huge flock of 1000's . They are real big here in FL, because they love warm climates. I hope to get her trained soon. She likes to leave the cage, but hasn't left in a long time. I think the dog scares her some. Well, I take that back, I know the dog scares her. We never gave her a real name, so I just call her pretty girl.

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